Payment Options

Payment Options Accepted at GHB AND ALTERNATIVES

These payment options are listed from the most recommended to the list but also watch out for the applicable countries as advised. Some payment options are perfect for some countries but might not work so well for others.

Bitcoin and Altcoins (Worldwide)

Except for a few countries where it might be difficult to buy bitcoins and some other cryptocurrencies, this is a truly worldwide option and we offer you a 10% discount when you pay using cryptocurrency.

We highly recommend this option because it is private/secure.

RIA Money Transfer (23 countries listed below)

We prefer this option because they are more reliable and don’t pry too much into your privacy (unlike Western Union and Moneygram who at times ask you for specific reasons why you’re making a transaction and even go as far as cancelling your transaction without providing specific reasons.

RIA online payment option is available only for USA, UK, Australia and Spain. For other countries (Canada, Chile, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, New Zealand and Puerto Rico), you need to locate a RIA Money Transfer agent using the RIA Locator and send cash in person.

Moneygram (almost worldwide)

Not as “magical” as Western Union but will also get the job done. Moneygram is the direct rival of Western Union. The primary difference is that they have lesser coverage which means fewer agents around your location. The greatest downside to Moneygram is the issue of monthly limits which are not clearly defined, often leading to failed transactions for heavy senders and receivers.

Western Union (almost worldwide)

Western Union has a wider coverage than RIA and Moneygram but the disadvantage is that apart from prying too much into customer’s privacy, they are fond of cancelling transactions without providing specific reasons. This might be a waste of time for you because if your transaction is cancelled, you might have to call them to fix it or request a refund and pay using another payment option.

Credit/Debit Cards (worldwide)

After lots of requests from our clients, we have included credit/debit cards as a payment option. We DO NOT process bank cards directly. To use this option after placing your order, simply use your credit/debit card and purchase a CashU Card from (Worldwide) OR an eGifterChoice Card from (USA only). Send the card details to us as payment for your package. You can purchase multiple cards if needed so that their cumulative balances are enough to pay for your order.

NOTE: For additional security, your card might not work unless it is protected and secured by Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode.


Because of Paypal’s very strict policies against the use of their services for the sale of certain types of products, we have stopped using this payment option.

Prepaid Visa Gift Cards

Non-reloadable Prepaid Visa Gift Cards are rapidly becoming a choice for buying drugs online as a result of the privacy they offer; use one and discard. All you have to do is buy a non-reloadable prepaid visa gift card with enough balance to cover your purchase and submit it to us. You can also load the card with any amount of your choice upon purchase.

These cards can be easily purchased from the following vendors.

  • Walmart Store
  • Walgreen
  • Sam’s Club
  • Dollar General
  • H.E.B
  • Speedway


This payment option was added specifically as a result of recommendations from our clients in India who find it difficult to make payments since remittance services such as Western Union and Moneygram don’t send funds out of India. It can also be used in any country supported by PAYEER.

To pay via this option, simply create a PAYEER account at and verify the account. Then go to the CHANGER 4 U exchange at and create and verify an account there too. Lastly, use CHANGER 4 U to purchase PAYEER funds using Bankwire and have the funds deposited into your payeer account.

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