Many users get mixed up between these two drugs and do not know exactly whether to go for GHB or GBL. As a buyer, you must get yourself acquainted with GHB GBL differences. The one you purchase is strictly determined by how you want to use it, but it is rather unfortunate that most users are deceived into buying low quality untreated GBL thinking that it is GHB. It is for this reason that we decided to add EZ TEST GHB  to our product list to function as an EZ test for GHB or a GHB quality test kit so that our clients that test for themselves and agree that the GHB we sell has a purity of at least 99.98% before they use it. As earlier mentioned, we shall offer a full refund if for any reason you find this claim wrong or misleading.

GHB GBL Differences

GHB is more subtle, lighter and happier of the two and is easier to sleep on. More synergistic with other drugs without taking over. it’s been described as a ‘cleaner’ high. GHB is widely known to enhance sexual pleasure. Most people who have been date rapped after being drugged with GHB actually admitted that although they did not remember exactly what was going on, they really felt more aroused than when having sex under normal condition.

GBL when taken acts with a chemical in your body to produce GHB. GBL is much quicker to act, more bio-available, so you need less to get high, and shorter lasting. It is more intoxicating, generally more potent. It makes eating much more enjoyable…comparable to cannabis. It makes sleeping easier, but after 6 or so hours the dopamine rebound wakes your ass right up. And it’s not easy to get back to sleep. Take that into account. It has a very steep dose respose spike. What this means is that, say you take 1mL and barely feel it, take 1.3 and still need more, take 1.6, and hit your sweet spot. If you take 2.0-2.5, you probably won’t be able to mentally or physically coordinate yourself. After that, you’ll probably just pass out. Don’t take GBL to calm down. It makes you more angry. It even occasionally induces a confusing, spontaneous unattributed anger, even rage.


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