Private, Secure and Fully Anonymous

For most people it’s challenging buying drugs online because they are always wondering what will happen if someone found out. Privacy and security are both two ways. If you’re compromised, so are we. We do everything possible to keep your business with us as private, secure and safe as possible.

However, if you’re paranoid (nothing wrong with that) then you can take extra steps.

  1. Use a Fake Name: You are NOT required to sign before collecting the package. We can deliver to anyone at your address or place at your door step or the mail box. All you need to do is provide an accurate address.
  2. Pay Anonymously: We accept cash payments via Western Union and Moneygram which are pretty much anonymous because you can always claim you sent the money to a friend overseas but if you need more anonymity, pay with cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoins) or a gift card purchased online at
  3. Untraceable Communication: No easily traceable forms of communication like phone calls and SMS. Email address only. Instead of your primary email, you can use ProtonMail.
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